LEFPA is a volunteer organization with 494 members with 880 494ha out of the total of 1 980 000ha, in the LEFPA area, comprising state land, big forestry companies, agriculture, plots and conservation properties. 

According to the National Veld and Forest Fire Act, 1998, chapter 2, Fire Protection Associations can be establish and registered. Chapter 2 (3.1) states that landowners may form an association for the purpose of predicting, preventing, managing and extinguishing veldfires and apply for its registration as a fire protection association.

As the largest FPA in the country, LEFPA deals with all aspects of Detection, Prevention, Supression, Rehabilitation and Awareness and form part of the Provincial Umbrella Fire Protection Association (MUFPA - Mpumalanga Umbrella Fire Protection Association).

Services provided: Aircraft, Vehicles, Ground Crews, Dispatch Centers, Weather Updates, Permit Issuing, Fire Detection, Fire Awareness , Aircraft Runways Maintenance, Mapping, GIS, Training, Legal Support, Liaison with state bodies, Timber Industry Theft Forum. More information.

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