LEFPA has 4 membership categories viz. 1. Agriculture; 2. Conservation; 3. Forestry/Processing 4.Municipal/Residential. The Board consists of representatives from each category and the Fire Protection Officer. The Forestry Category has 4 representatives on the Board.
Members elect a representative/s within their membership category every 3 years. This representative will sit on the LEFPA Board. The Board elect a Chairman, Vice-Chair, Secretary and co-opt additional members (if required) for a 3 year term of office. The current office bearing period commenced 1st April 2016 and will end on 31 March 2019.

ChairmanD BallantyneBoard Member 082 329 7105ballantynes@mweb.co.za
Vice ChairmanV LascellesBoard Member for Forestry (Small Growers)
083 310 7272013-590 0530vaughan@imveloforests.co.za
SecretaryM WagnerBoard Member for Conservation082 805 2456013-734 6563Mark.Wagner2@sappi.com
FPA ManagerA ScheepersLEFPA083 310 7252013-752 6419manager@lefpa.co.za
Fire Protection OfficerVacantMbombela Fire Department
Agriculture J SchoemanBoard Member for Agriculture
083 402 1998013-790 0230jschoeman@canegrowers.co.za
AgricultureJ StevensonAlternate Board Member for Agriculture083 462 1592crocriver@telkomsa.net
ConservationM WagnerBoard Member for Conservation082 805 2456013-734 6563Mark.Wagner2@sappi.com
ConservationF du Toit Alternate Board Member for Conservation083 628 1823013-745 7561francois@mtpa.co.za
ForestryT HulettBoard Member for Forestry082 824 5037Tony@mto.group.co.za
ForestryS KobeseAlternate Board Member for Forestry082 886 2334013-754 0758SiyabulelaK@daff.gov.za
Municipal / ResidentialJohn MasinaBoard Member for Municipal/ Residential072 670 3600013- 764 6000sabiestat@mweb.co.za
Municipal / ResidentialJ BadenhorstAlternate Board Member for Municipal/Residential082 977 2988013-744 3205gm@shandonhoa.co.za