LEFPA has 4 membership categories viz. 1. Agriculture; 2. Conservation; 3. Forestry/Processing 4.Municipal/Residential. The Board consists of representatives from each category and the Fire Protection Officer. The Forestry Category has 4 representatives on the Board.
Members elect a representative/s within their membership category every 3 years. This representative will sit on the LEFPA Board. The Board elect a Chairman, Vice-Chair, Secretary and co-opt additional members (if required) for a 3 year term of office. The current office bearing period commenced 1st April 2016 and will end on 31 March 2019.

ChairmanD BallantyneBoard Member
Vice ChairmanV LascellesBoard Member for Forestry (Small Growers)
SecretaryM WagnerBoard Member for Conservation
FPA ManagerA ScheepersLEFPA
Fire Protection OfficerVacantMbombela Fire Department
Agriculture J SchoemanBoard Member for Agriculture
AgricultureJ StevensonAlternate Board Member for Agriculture
ConservationM WagnerBoard Member for Conservation
ConservationF du Toit Alternate Board Member for Conservation
ForestryT HulettBoard Member for Forestry
ForestryS KobeseAlternate Board Member for Forestry
Municipal / ResidentialJohn MasinaBoard Member for Municipal/ Residential
Municipal / ResidentialJ BadenhorstAlternate Board Member for Municipal/Residential

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